Sunday, August 2, 2015

JUNGLE, BAIT & REDEMPTION (Summer in Ithaca)

I continue to post cool photos and videos of my daily encounters/revelations/observations/randomities (I know, I just invented the word randomities - it means random and cool memory bites).
Let's start with Summer in Ithaca because that's where I am now but I will look in retrospect at Summer in Cleveland, Lincoln-Nebraska, and NYC cuz I have some great photos from over there and they need to find a public page. It's all about where my feet take me and what my eyes register. As I said - randomities. Enjoy. Or question. Or think. Or laugh. Or cry. Or muse. Or amuse. Whatever.
PS - the title comes from THE JUNGLE (an area where homeless people live) and this funny shop:

Hook, Line & Sinker Bait Shop - K&H Redemption Center

THE JUNGLE - Homeless people camp here
THE JUNGLE - Homeless people camp here

Saturday, March 21, 2015

World Poetry Day. NYC subway. A poet writing for change.

World Poetry Day.
NYC subway.
A poet writing poems for change.
He wrote this one
for me
(for $3):

Revisiting life
till eyes see past shame
thoughts can not rest simply on love
and pain becomes reassuring
As all the pattern of birds
Speak just as clear as words
And symmetry is the only thing
the mind will believe
Not because it is beautiful
But because it has reflected
upon both sides.

Lynn Gentry. Union Sq. About What Means to Be a Poet.