Sunday, August 2, 2015

JUNGLE, BAIT & REDEMPTION (Summer in Ithaca)

I continue to post cool photos and videos of my daily encounters/revelations/observations/randomities (I know, I just invented the word randomities - it means random and cool memory bites).
Let's start with Summer in Ithaca because that's where I am now but I will look in retrospect at Summer in Cleveland, Lincoln-Nebraska, and NYC cuz I have some great photos from over there and they need to find a public page. It's all about where my feet take me and what my eyes register. As I said - randomities. Enjoy. Or question. Or think. Or laugh. Or cry. Or muse. Or amuse. Whatever.
PS - the title comes from THE JUNGLE (an area where homeless people live) and this funny shop:

Hook, Line & Sinker Bait Shop - K&H Redemption Center

THE JUNGLE - Homeless people camp here
THE JUNGLE - Homeless people camp here

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